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Här hittar du några av de evenemang vi arrangerar eller är delaktiga i.

torsdag 14 dec

Build your own models! How can machine learning help you in your career and in your personal life

It´s time for Karriärlunch! On December 14th, we will be joined by Anita Sant’Anna, data scientist committed to the greater good. She contributes to the development of data-driven innovations both in the private and public sectors by driving multidisciplinary projects where the well-being of users, environment and society is paramount.

Anita has over 15 year’s experience as a researcher working with data analysis and machine learning and her main research interests include learning from real world data, context-aware monitoring and just-in-time interventions.

Don’t know what Karriärlunch is? In short, it’s an initiative where HighFive, in cooperation with @halmstadstudentkar, invite and interview inspiring entrepreneurs who share their biggest insights to help inspire and prepare you for your upcoming careers. So join in, sit back and listen or take the opportunity to engage and ask questions, all while enjoying a tasty lunch, completely free of charge of course!


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