med highfive och karriär

HighFive tillsammans med Karriär som är en del av studentkåren på Högskolan i Halmstad presenterar Karriärlunch under hösten 2021. 
Behöver du en lunchpaus? Vill du bli inspirerad att ta nästa steg i din karriär eller förverkliga en affärsidé?

Bli inspirerad 

Vill du satsa på din idé och odla din karriär men vet ej vart du ska börja? Eller vill du bygga dina entreprenöriella förmågor som gör dig mer anställningsbar?
Missa då inte chansen att få lyssna, lära och bli inspirerad av de entreprenörer/inspiratörer som gästar oss vid höstens Karriärluncher.
Hoppas vi ses!

Fin Madden - Mountain Biking In Halmstad
8/11 kl: 12.10 - 13.00 i Himmel

HighFive och Karriär presents Karriärlunch. Don’t miss the opportunity to meet someone truly inspirational, someone who is not afraid to go the extra mile – Fin Madden owner of Mountain biking in Halmstad.

Fin Madden is an Irish Canadian who has lived and worked in Halmstad for the last 8 years. He went to university for Outdoor Recreation in Canada, focusing on leadership with rock and ice climbing as well as white water canoeing and kayaking as his areas of specialty. Fin also always enjoyed mountain biking, but it wasn’t until he came to Halmstad that he started focusing on cycling as a sport.

And when we say that Fin liked biking, we don’t mean just ordinary biking around town. He has cycled across Europe from Dublin to Lubljijana, from Halmstad to the Western tip of Spain and back, as well as a loop around Scandinavia. He has completed the Vätternrundan twice, and the Störrestrykepröven (540km in 1 day) in Norway.

Having worked as a teacher for many years, Fin’s passion was always to get students out and cycling. His career has taken him many places, from Canada via Egypt, South Korea back to Canada and then Halmstad. After reaching a burnout point, he wanted to do something new and decided to start a company guiding and renting out mountain bikes. Today he runs Mountain biking Halmstad in Simlångsdalen.


Take the opportunity to get inspired by Fin Madden at our next Karriärlunch on November 8th where he will share his story and insights when it comes to career and entrepreneurship!
The first 15 to register are invited to participate in person and are treated to a lunch. Those who don’t get a physical spot can join us via zoom.

Registration below is for the entrepreneur / inspirer
Fin Madden – Mountain Biking in Halmstad
Location: Himmel, Trade Center, floor 23
Kristian IV:s väg 3 302 50 Halmstad

8/11 kl: 12.10-13.00